We are a forever company. We work extensively with recyclable materials (striving to work exclusively with them) and those which have little or no environmental impact.

We assist our customers to make the temporary happen in an environment, economic and socially aware way.

We celebrate the mediums we work with and educate our partners on the possible.

We minimise our (and our clients) environmental footprint to zero and will continue to explore, experiment and partner with likeminded businesses, wherever they are on their sustainable journey.


  • Events and Installations

    Create bespoke cardboard installations and displays for special events.

  • Stands and Pop-Ups

    Custom designed and built cardboard stands and pop-up for events or exhibitions.

  • Set Design and Props

    Design and install sets and props for the television, film and theatre industry.

  • Corporate Days

    Host corporate and team building days with challenging and fun activities.

Discover the benefits of cardboard

Cardboard Mill installations are fully sustainable, carbon neutral and 100% recyclable. We can colour match your designs, all our inks are organic and environmentally safe. We believe in sustainability and zero waste and that's why we take all the cardboard once we've finished.

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Let's talk cardboard.

We are passionate about cardboard and the benefits of using it just makes sense. Cardboard is sustainable, cost effective and has endless possibilities.

Our cardboard is...

100% curbside recyclable
Made from 70%+ recycled content
Made with 100% renewable energy

We use...

Organic inks (EPA safe)
Biodegradable glues - Environmentally safe
Food grade water resistant coatings

All the Carbon miles are offset to site and we take lifecycle custodianship of all the materials used. We even take it back when you're done!

What is there not to love? A temporary solution for every need.
We build and install stage sets and backdrops, trade shows stands and installs, weddings and events even pop up pubs and stores

Trade Shows and Corporate Displays

Team Building and Corporate Days

Theatre, Music and Production

Theatre Sets Made form cardboard

Public Events & Openings

Melbourne International Film Festival MIFF 2022