Founded on greatness and shared values

Boxwars and Kebet Packaging, arguably one of the greatest industry collaborations of all time. Over 50 years of manufacturing and 20 years of bespoke project and event delivery. Bridging the full gamut from design, manufacturing, install and deliver capabilities. Seamlessly from workshopping and generating 'idea', to concept and creation of bespoke and large scale event, installations and program delivery.

  • Founded in 2003 by 3 engineering students who wanted to put on a gladiator show at a friends BBQ. They got busy and made their first costumes out of cardboard.

    Boxwars started from an idea and has evolved into Australia's leading bespoke set piece design and event delivery teams.

    Standing commissions across Australia and as far afield as Saudi Arabia, Boxwars continues to deliver amazing public events and installations.

    "Boxwars are a world beating creative team that loves events and working with cardboard. We've worked with Kebet on most of our projects over the last couple of years. The Cardboard Mill just became such a natural extension of that relationship and collaboration for us. In hindsight the genesis of The Cardboard Mill was inevitable"

    Ross, Supreme Overlord Boxwars

  • 50 years of being the packaging expert.

    Kebet is family owned, and has been for over 50 years. As a manufacturer in Australia, Kebet has thrived where others have gone off shore.

    Kebet has done more than one thing right: invested in plant; staff, and; our relationships with our customers. We have business clients that have been with us for 50 years.

    "We continue to actively invest in production capacity to on-shore, bring back to Australia manufacturing that may have been lost to cheaper, lower cost manufacturing environments...

    ...We love working with the creatives at Boxwars to challenge and expand our manufacturing capabilities. It's just such a natural fit to create The Cardboard Mill."

    Michael, CEO Kebet

We're committed to sustainability

temporary is no longer boring or environmentally insensitive.

100% curbside recyclable
a minimum of 65% recycled content
made with 100% renewable energy
100% carbon miles offset
100% organic inks (EPA safe)
100% environmentally safe, biodegradable glues
100% food grade water resistant coatings
we'll even take lifecycle custodianship (we'll organise to take it back when you're done)

  • Forest Stewardship Council Certified

  • SEDEX Member

  • 100% Green Power